It’s Coming Together


Website has seen some changes, I think I’ll stick with it for now – still a little iffy with the logo, need something more stable.

Almost done tossing in the content, its the most dreadful part, I have done it a million times and hopefully it’ll be the last time I do it.

The exciting part though is when its all done and you are starting to toss in new content and taking it from there. I’m expecting to start doing this in the next week or so. To keep the feeling there, I have already proceeded with adding in some already…

I have some exciting plans to replace the stock images with my own and finally came to terms with myself to settle with using my phone camera until I pick up a new macro lens for my DSLR, only thing I need to start working on is getting a suitable back drop for the photo’s. Guess its time to start getting crafty…First figure to receive thy honors has yet to be determined.

Reviews for my laptop will come along with the new content, as well as a little update about my life.

That’s it for now, back to work for me…


It’s Full Sail Ahead!


My eyes are about to bleed.

How many times have I had to figure out what stupid crippling post to throw up onto my new website? Well today (tonight) is where I’ll back in about X amount of years and finally look at this post and say “It’s about god damn time” Read more