About MAFC

It was a concept that was originally conceived at the peak of my anime figure collecting hobby and at the rock bottom low of my blogging career.

I needed a place to centrally catalog my anime figure collection (real life ones) and as well as track my wishlist items (such as open pre-order items and figures long sold).

My buddies encouraged I start this website so they could easily see updates in a nice, eye candy yet clean format so they can show it off to their friends.

It is my hope that you’ll find my guides (when they come along) and information (minus the ramblings) useful and that I may perhaps inspire you (maybe not) to embark on your anime figure collecting endeavors and perhaps shed some light on the mysteries of anime and Japanese culture!

About The Author

I currently reside in Ontario, Canada within the Greater Toronto Area – I do real estate full time and when I’m not doing an offer or out on showings with a client, I indulge myself into the wonderful world of anime.

Anime has been a long time passion for as long as my memory could possibly recollect. I incidentally stumbled upon the figure collecting business sometime ago and before I really knew it, I was collecting them left, right center.

I’m not an impulsive purchaser (except for that one time…) but I do snipe good looking or rare figures where possible.

I’m not into trading/selling but I’d be interested in connecting with you if you have an offer or to simply talk about anime figures!