Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai – Kousaka Kirino – Super Figure SF2.5 – 1/2.5

Griffon Enterprises

The Grail – MAFC First

Every so often do you come across a figure that you really want. Sometimes, you find a figure you just want but don’t care to have but will likely regret not getting after release, especially once it’s sold out.

Today, I found a figure that is a bit of both. What I like to define as a “grail”.

What I discovered was that everyone has their own “grail” figure. Mine happens to be anything larger than ¼ scale, costs an arm and leg (possibly more than selling off one of your organs), are incredible rare, or are complete works of incredible art and engineering/sculpting marvels.

I like to introduce you to something that I anticipate will not fit into my present anime figure display case that I happened to pre-order with a tentative release date set for late October 2017.

Sculpted by Team Genesis and brought to you by Grand Toys – an incredible 1/2.5 scale Kousaka Kirino from the hit TV series Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai!

The original figure was first produced by Griffon Enterprises in 2015, late September and now is getting glorified rerun 2 years later under a new manufacturer Grand Toys.

Based on the last generation specs – we are anticipating this figure to come in at generous height of 700 mm (27.30 in or 2.28 ft) and a whopping 13.23 lbs (or 6 kg) to which comes to mind immediately that this figure commands a class of its own along with other previous 1/2.5 scale releases. To the average collector, this figure can be classified as a behemoth in comparison with ⅛ scales to which it certainly dwarfs.

This figure as did its last generation also comes in two standard flavors. One with a soft bust and the other sculpted with the usual solid PVC. There is thankfully no price differences so you can either indulge in oppai pressing if that’s what you are into or not. I have heard of reviewers commenting that the soft bust seems to attract dust build up as the material can be difficult to clean. In my purchase, I opted for the standard non-soft bust version.

Based on the product pictures which by the way – full disclosure – are the same pictures used during Griffon Enterprises release. I am aware of some minuet flaws this figure had in some reviews I have read online and we are mostly hoping they were corrected in this revision.