• Anime Figure Boxes

    And What To Do With Them

Anime Figure Boxes

And What To Do With Them

What do we have here?

So you are a figure collector and you are likely reading this because you came to a point where you have officially started to worry about your long term collecting prospects.

That closet is full. The other room that no one is using is also filled of anime boxes.

Who said it was easy to collect figures, am I right?

Fortunately for you, there is certainly a way to handling this problem but you are just going to have to bite the bullet and make a decision.

Why You Want Those Figure Boxes

Keeping Them Can Make Sense

1) Future Resale Value

To the uninitiated, retaining the original packaging and box is a very sound idea on the investment of the product.

Most people who mindlessly throw away their boxes are quite usually the ones that I seen who eventually part ways with their figures and to their dismay, will have realized during the negotiating phase that they won’t get the resale value those precious figures deserve.

It’s not uncommon to expect a whooping 30-35% from the total MSRP of the figure! These numbers while it might not mean a whole heck of a lot to you when you just picked up your figure today in the mail but trust me, it will be enough make your eyes shed a tear 5 years down the road. Be smart and hold on to them boxes!

2) They look too good to throw out

In most cases they do. Don’t even lie. As mentioned, you are a savvy figure collector to know not to toss them out for future resale value but the box art usually looks pretty good! Japanese packaging have been known for their artistic use of eye catching designs that help sell the product it comes packed in. They look so good that in some instances, they could even be used as decor!

3) Great for figure storage

You have successfully managed to put together a promising collection. Unfortunately,  unless you are savvy as pointed out above – chances are those boxes are long gone and you are in a middle of a moving to another home. You better hope that you have super packing skills.

Transporting your figures can be a pain if you actually tried and no I’m not talking about 1 or two of them. I’m talking about more than a handful at a time. Heck even transporting them between rooms in your home can prove daunting.

The nice thing about those boxes is that when you got those shipped to you, it has gone through quite the journey for them to automagically show up at your door step in one piece. Thus, my point to illustration – boxes are your answer when it comes to relocating that collection, perhaps not between rooms in your home but between two different locations!

Put Them Where?

A Solution To The Problem

Your anime figures comes with a fairly standard configuration usually consisting of the following:

  • The figure box itself (we hope it did)
  • The plastic support packaging – the packaging in the box holding your figure
  • Knick Knacks – instruction manuals, bonus content, etc…

1) Deflating Method

While the box itself can likely be deflated. The plastic support packaging can’t. The additional stuff that comes along can be stored however it makes sense (ziplock bags in a ziplock bag and then appropriately labelled)

Given the above scenario, you probably identified right away that its a catch 22 problem. The box deflates, the support packaging doesn’t and not only do they not deflate, they are ironically the same size as the inside of the box you deflated.

What I’m about to describe is something that I don’t preach but more about that later…

This method may work, because deflating and storing the boxes are a good idea if where you are storing them is safer then before its deflated where its currently stored.

What this means is – deflating the boxes for safe storage is beneficial in a sense that you will ensure the boxes remain undamaged.

For example, if you presently got them packed away in a dank cellar. The moisture could ruin and damage to the boxes over time.

Storing them deflated in your room (which by this point may take up very little space) makes a lot of sense now, see where I’m getting at?

If you are like me where it may not overly matter to you if the boxes being slightly damaged or not and the environment that it is in now is totally safe for it to be lying around then by all means, don’t worry about deflating and packing it away (move onto the next suggestion!) – If you did deflate and store’em then how about storing and packing those support packaging?

I have read an interesting post where I got this whole idea to begin with and I take no credit for this of course – the best thing to do would be to label the support package accordingly and then toss them taped together in a large industrial garbage bag (not to be tossed to trash surely) and to safely store it where you can for later recollection. You will be quite amazed with how much space you can really save!

2) Stacking Method

If you are already doing this and are struggling doing so, you may be doing it well enough. (Move onto the next suggestion)

If you have stacked it and aren’t struggling then now might be the best time to really master real life tetris. Start stacking till you can stack anymore!

This advice, coined the “best advice” because it is the proven and tested cost effective solution that not only saves you money but improves your brain processing abilities at the expense of some time.

3) Decor (Wall Mosaic) Method

If your head hurts from playing tetris, why not take a break and think outside the box? Pun intended of course.

Your boxes look better then you might think!

Notice that when you were stacking them away, you could possibly line them up and turn their unpleasant up front appearance to a mosaic of vibrant figure illustrations along a wall!

Just like the art of flower arrangement, you too can also not only master tetris but anime figure box arrangement as well!

Get creative and have fun arranging your boxes into artistic stacks next to your figure display, perhaps line a particular shelf with them (works great with Nendoroids and Figma boxes!)

4) Display Backdrop Method

If you are fortunate enough to own a display with deep shelves, you may be in luck!

I was lucky to have that luxury in my earlier figure collecting days and had got away with tossing my figure boxes behind my displayed figures and used them as backdrops to the collection!

A nice plus point other then obviously having the figure boxes stacked along the wall from the ground up, is that when you have buddies over drooling over that collection, they instantly know the names of the figures on display.

It saves you from wasting valuable oxygen to point out the obvious and more time talking about things that matter!

5) The Dank Cellar/Equivallent Method

When it comes to this you don’t got quite more of an option. You could always just take the easy way out and cram it elsewhere, where no body usually goes unless they are looking for that old family photo from two yester-Christmas years ago.

Nicely line them up, stack them in your basement, that creepy AF attic, storage rooms, or the equivalent there to where other boxes maybe present so they can hang out and make friends and catch some dust.

6) Bonus: Abuse Your Friendship

Now that doesn’t sound too appealing but the truth is, if that is what you are doing, then and they are cool with it then I guess its cool ain’t it?

That’s right, if your friend is kind enough to hang onto your boxes for you, go for it. They may have the proper storage facilities to store them, perhaps they have a huge garage/storage room, or perhaps they are also in the same hobby as you and have the space you don’t to keep it all organised.

None of the above

Ok so you don’t have the luxury of space in your house, maybe because you yourself lives in the very basement and those boxes are now poised to take over your headquarters, outnumbering you 100 to 1. You don’t stand a chance.

Maybe your parents are saying they don’t want any more of your beach queen figure boxes on their bookshelf in their bedroom!

Fortunately, if you are in this predicament, the only thing the figure Gods have graced you with is that you are blessed financially to continue the hobby indefinitely but you might have to give up that one figure per month to store all of your waifu’s containers in a possibly abundant space kind of place.

Is trading your soul worth it to the devil? Lets find out…

If You Have Money

You Have Some Options

While there has been some debate in the figure collecting community whether it’s something worth doing. It’ll depend on you, your comfort level, and your monthly financials above all else.

Welcome to offsite storage solutions my friend

Just personally speaking and of course with full disclosure – I just started doing this recently so I have the experience to talk about this method. Nothing here I’m suggesting is hypothetical like the above rants. (It was still serious good advice though)

To give you an idea about why I chose this route:

  1. I have the financial means to commit to this
  2. I plan to continue my collecting hobby despite my logic advising against it
  3. I have sacrificed my bedroom for storage in exchange my man-cave is box free and its not working out between us
  4. Its conveniently close to where I work
  5. There is certainly more utility to having a storage unit then actually using it strictly for storage

The absolute smallest you can get – where I live in Mississauga is a 5×5 storage unit.

The cost is not all that terribly bad. If you are comfortable with a monthly cost of a single Nedoroid + shipping and getting dinged by customs every month. You’ll be fine. (Under $100/mo)

Here Are Some Convincing Pros

1) Private/Discreet

This is certainly self explanatory. Maybe you live with other people and you don’t want them to see you are carting in a new figure every other week and then get the raised eyebrow look. Storing those figures for later retrieval is a good idea. Or perhaps, those boxes are now sitting in the hallway and your mother is now playing Question Period after she started to take notice at those ecchi figure boxes and the juicy art. Storing them at storage means no one sees them but you and the 3 walls and the door.

2) Climate Controlled

If you land a unit that is locate inside a building, you are set for life. Climate controlled is great when you don’t feel particularly safe with storing them inside a unit that is located subjected to extreme swings of temperatures. Where I live, we get rain, snow and about everything else in between. It would be nice to put those boxes somewhere you yourself can virtually hang out. Nice and temperate which equates to your boxes ensured longevity.

3) Easy Access

My place lets me access my goods via PIN gated entry between 6am-11pm daily. Some places offer 24/7. As mentioned above, I managed to score a location within virtually a minute away from where I work. This works out especially well when I receive incoming goods. Without the need to haul it home, I can fire and forget it at the storage and come back to it when I have the time later.

4) Great For Putting Away Older Figures

So your display has met its match. Got those figures from 1980 that needs to be decommissioned to make way for your new juicy Native Collection? Your off site storage can be your best pal which can also double as:

5) Running a Mini-Mandarake

A storage for your figure trading hobby. That same 1980 figure might as well be sold/auctioned off to its new rightful owner. You could possibly run a mini-side biz for some extra cash in the pocket while making space at home for more juicy figures.

One of the few things I plan to do once I get together a solid plan is to run a local mini-Mandarake in my area and what better use of a offsite storage location to store figures I’m moving around on a consistent basis?

6) Secure

I said it before and I’ll say it again, its got PIN access which by the way is 8 numerical digits long for gated access, barbed wire fencing for idiots to scale and get stuck/sliced to bits trying to and 24/7 on site security.

Now you don’t have to worry about people or your siblings stealing your goodies anymore. Also with all storage rental units you get, you automatically are granted $5,000 of insurance for theft/fire/ and damages.

Obvious Cons

1) Costs money

Yeah it costs money. So does collecting figures…

2) Extra Travelling

Depending on where you choose to get storage setup will mean some additional travelling you’ll need to plan around in your daily schedule.

3) Storage Risks

It not a single day that goes by that I visit and notice the sprinkler pipe running between all the units and mine. If some moron sets those puppies off my boxes will become paper mâché before I find out and go super saiyan. Thankfully there is insurance. My recommendation would be to prop up a wooden skid to create a sub floor in the unit and then cover your stuff with a tarp.


You now know the reason why you don’t throw away your anime figure boxes. You also now know 5 tips as to how to store them figure boxes in and around the house +1 bonus tip with how to abuse a friendship. We also explored some options available to you if you got the extra cash to do it for offsite storage with 6 convincing Pro’s and also discussed some minor Con’s which pales in comparison to the Pro’s.

Armed with this essential knowledge, get out there and start collecting more figures!