Latest Figure Loot

As I’m reaching the 100 figures milestone (10 more to go at time of this writing including below figures) – I’m increasingly finding it more difficult to find figures that meet my discerning tastes.

Without coming off sounding like an elitist, I would like to admit that I’m far from it. The matter is, I am certainly just more picky then ever when it comes to considering my purchase.

The jury is out that I know there are much more veteran collectors out there then myself with collections that far exceed my own wildest imaginations, but when you have to start “figuring” out how to manage and balance storage and displaying, you’ll start to naturally become more selective about adding additional waifu’s to your harem figure collection, especially once you start approaching a magnitude as my collection.

So what sort of figures am I shooting for nowadays?

Presently, I have now started to narrow my collecting interests to 1/4 scale and character specific figures.

Here is what I’m waiting for to show up in the mail!

Based on my collecting pattern above: I’m starting to focus on collecting on Super Sonico figures, the un-scaled Baby Doll ver. by Yamato in particular was quite cute so for the price point I purchased it, I thought it was a good buy since my Sonico collection is starting to grow fairly quickly.

Then we have Sonsaku Hakufuku in 1/4 scale, I had my eyes on that one for quite sometime ever since I have started to collect 1/4 scales so I seized the opportunity to pick one up since I know that they are out of circulation and only available on the 2nd hand market, as with Sonico above – I manage to grab this figure for a pretty decent price.

Lastly – 1/8 scale Eris from Asobi ni Ikuyo… When you start collecting 1/4 scale and when you are really enjoying the size and the heft that comes with 1/4, its hard to go back to 1/8. But for Eris, I’m making this an exception. This particular figure has really tickled my fancy and the detail and the price point I was able to procure this figure at was too good of a deal to pass up.

Do stay tuned for an upcoming hot figure minute on my storing methods for those pesky anime figure boxes!