Hot Figure Minute Presents

1/4 Konjiki no Yami – Golden Darkness By FREEing

Just wrapped up a wonderful figure photo session that was my most enjoyable in recent memory! My much anticipated 1/4 scale Golden Darkness “Konjiki no Yami” by FREEing happened by chance to arrive at my office this afternoon courtesy of Canada Post! Being my first 1/4 scale, I was quite impressed with the large scale and the heft was just unreal!

Quick Product Review

It is literally jaw dropping stunning in person. Having been collecting 1/8 and 1/7 scale, I’m not sure how I had been living with those all this time. 1/4 scale is on a totally different level! The fishnet leggings are made of real fabric, very well weaved and tailored which no doubt brings out the curves in those eye popping legs. The bunny suit in itself is probably either painted glossy PVC or straight up ABS (I’m willing to gander its the former) would have been pretty nice if it were really a piece of latex or leather material. The figure does not come with a base to situate it on leaving plenty of creative room as to how the figure owner can arrange their array of their bunny girl collection.

Going back to my reference on “heft” from my opening paragraph – it is certainly something I am not accustomed to with a PVC figure – minus that its really quite bigger than I’d imagine it to be, the weight of this figure really makes it feel like its premium built. While the details put into the facial expression, the posture/pose and the attention to detail in the leggings and suit; with larger scales I’d argue that imperfections not noticed on a smaller scale will become much more noticeable on a larger scale.

While I can’t really fault the design, the tail on the suit could have been much better crafted using authentic materials (like an actual glued fur ball or something) as opposed to a visually unappealing plastic yarn ball. The QC is quite solid for a figure this size, it came pristine with no scratches or dents that I’d normally see on a smaller scale. Perhaps I was just really lucky.

Thoughts On The Photo Session

This photo session had introduced some challenges I haven’t really encountered before in figure photography before. The figure while still small enough to fit in my light box was quite cramped which really restricted my freedom for unique angles of photographic opportunities.

Having moved her to a makeshift table (box) with a white velvet paper and a Ikea floor lamp as the backdrop really gave her room to breath and room for me to snap some decent pictures. Lighting was a bit of an issue, (because the floor lamp backdrop is illuminated) I had to resort to grabbing my full powered portrait lamps setup with direct lighting in from behind and in front of the figure and as well as use a handheld LED lighting stick to exaggerate the shadows in the portrait shots.

The pictures to no surprise was done with a Google Pixel XL with post processing and color correcting done on the fly with the help of Google’s very powerful Snapseed Application.

In any case, 212 shots and 10 pictures to showcase, that’s not too bad!


For a steep price tag of over $220 CAD dollars including shipping and excluding import/customs (additional $60) this figure might be appealing for the eyes but not for thy wallet. So to what market categories does this niche figure fall under?

  1. Deep pocket collectors
  2. Faithful To-Love Ru fans
  3. People into bunny suits
  4. Have a lolicon complex
  5. Combination of the above

Would I recomend this figure? If you are not in the market of spending more money then you may already have to for a standard figure up to about $150USD then this figure is likely not for you. But if you fall into the categories listed above, then I could confidently say you will be satisfied with this product. I’d give it a thumbs up and a 4/5 stars!

See you around for my next Hot Figure Minute!